Amazing story, couldn't put the book down!! Entertaining and delightful. DK King is gifted. ~ HS

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DK King, Writer

Orange County, CA


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What Others Are Saying

​​Living The Big Sky Life” is the first of many books to come from this wonderful writer. DK King takes you through an incredible odyssey from the warm sun and beaches of Orange County, California, to the stark and barren beauty of the Big Sky Life in Whitefish, Montana. Her journey – full of trials and tribulations – will find you exasperated and breathless, culminating in a personal triumph of self-discovery and exaltation. King’s writing style is lucid and direct with an in-your-face realism and honesty that is fresh and bold. Make sure this book is part of your library because, as her destiny declares, there are more waiting just over the horizon. ~ RAK

This book was amusing and easy to read. It was interesting to get DK's views on small town America. I thoroughly enjoyed it. ~ LMM

What Others Are Saying

Wonderfully readable, an effortless pleasure. This book subtly moves from humor to sorrow, and back again in the blink of an eye. Poignant, compassionate, playful, touching, and delightfully dry witted. I'm reading again, just for fun! ~ EMD

I could not put this book down. DK makes you feel like you are right there living the experiences with her. Love her colorful style!  ~ JSM

I absolutely loved this book! I never wanted to put it down. I can't wait for more from this author.


A timeless tale of the old West told with a modern-day sense of humor. An absolute delight to read! I can't wait to immerse myself in her next story… ~ KAC